The Perennial Philosophy

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novacole Thursday, March 07, 2013

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Throughout human history, there have been men and women, venerated in sacred texts who have reached a stage of self-actualization, which far surpasses that of the average person. In Catholicism these people are called Saints, in Buddhism they are Buddhas or Arahats, Hindus call them Siddhas, in Abrahamic traditions they are the prophets and in indigenous cultures they are described as sages or shaman.

However, by any name, this class of men and women have presented humanity with shockingly similar messages. Their message, a perennial philosophy which holds true for all ages and all of humanity.

From what I have can tell the core message of all people of the enlightened class essentially boils down to the following:

You and your neighbor are one. (Depending on the tradition, this can be either literal or figurative, however, in practice, it is the same.)
The external world is less important than the internal world. (Mental or Spiritual)
Be aware of the suffering of others and try to minimize it wherever possible. Along with this would also be avoiding actions which lead to suffering.
Pay attention.


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